Advantages of Online Data Backup

As Internet lines become faster and servers more affordable, online data backup is not a sweet concept any more but a modern service you can really count on when backing up your files.

What are Online Backup Advantages | SafeBACKUP Advice
Online Backup offers Peace of Mind

There are many advantages of online data backup over making copies on CDs, external hard drives or USB flash sticks. Some of these advantages are quite obvious, others might not have crossed your mind.


Additional Security

Making copies to a USB thumb drive has little value, if it is damaged or lost, as is your computer. There are so many risks, like fire, computer viruses, theft, flooding and hardware failure when you are storing backup copy in a remote place, away from your computer. When your main drive burns in fire or is stolen, you may still recover all your data from online backup copy and you will not loose any valuable files.


Backup Solution Is Fully Automated

It is advisable to create your own procedures, like making weekly backup to an external hard drive or DVDs; however, it takes some effort every time you need to copy some files. There is always a danger of forgetting a file or two or just becoming careless and skipping making backups on some week. Luckily, the best online data backup providers, like Backblaze, Livedrive and ZipCloud, offer fully automated solutions, which are scheduled to make backups regularly.


Recovery from Online Backup Is Easier

When a crisis hits, the value of a decent backup strategy becomes apparent. Best data backup solutions enable to recover lost data fast, without disturbing your workflow. Decent online data backup software offers fast and easy way to recover all files you need in a very short time. We tested out many online backup providers and found that the fastest recovery was offered by Backblaze, Livedrive, ZipCloud and MyPCBackup. You may check their software out, because they all offer free trial time.


Keeping Earlier Copies, Data Versioning

There are things you really can't do with manual data backup solutions by yourself. Versioning is one of them. The best online data backup companies preserve sequential copies of your data, and you can search and recover your data from earlier copies as well. It offers true value, if you are working with data files which are regularly updated and you need to recover some data that was accidentally overwritten or deleted.


Sync Your Data on Different Devices

Obviously, synchronization is another handy feature you can not do with old backup systems. Luckily, you can sync your data with best online data backup providers easily. Imagine how much easier it makes your work, if you can start with file on your desktop, then work with it on laptop and then present results in your tablet. You may be amazed, how much more you can achieve with decent productivity tools.


Saving Costs and Time

Buying all the drives and backup media by yourself may prove quite expensive, because they also need upgrading, maintenance and your time to operate. Many our clients admitted that saving time with online data backup solution was the biggest argument for them. For small and medium sized companies, outsourcing data backup solutions from online backup providers may save big bucks.


Online Data Backup Gives Peace of Mind

It is hard to measure the value of peace of mind. One thing is sure – by using online data backup solutions you will worry less about losing your data. Let professionals make the hard work and you will save a lot of your time and mind. With professional partners, you will feel that your life quality is better, and you will enjoy many things more if you have less things to worry about.

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What are Online Backup Advantages | SafeBACKUP Advice
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