Recovering Data from Backups

Often the data recovery is overlooked in the context of backing up important data. Let's look closer why data recovery is so important and how it impacts data backup.

Data Recovery is important part of Data Safety plan. Often it is even most important part, because requirements of data recovery convinience and speed may determine largely which backup mediums you need to use and how the backup procedures should be arranged. The golden rule of making backups safely is to make multiple copies and keep them in multiple locations.


Few years ago, there was often needed to choose between cheaper price (for example using tape backup devices) and data recovery speed. Luckily, new online data backup solutions and cloud based server systems offer good performance with reasonable price. 


Cloud server backup systems offer also additional solutions for keeping multiple versions of data and recovering them much faster than few years ago. Hovewer, recovery of data depends still much of the data backup plan you decide to use.


You are welcome to browse articles published in "knowledge base" section. If you feel the need for professional data analysis and would us to create data backup plan for you, please drop us a line and describe your needs with few words.

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Recovering Data from Backups
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